What is the relationship between humans and nature?

This post is something that I gathered from all that I learned and noticed through my own observation. The motivation to write it came from a small assignment that we got in class. We were told to write a short answer of 100-150 words about the relationship between humans and nature (influences, positive and negative effects, secondary effects, human impact on nature, consequences etc.). I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

Humans and nature have a reciprocal effect on each other.

Just like we affect nature, nature affects us. Afterall, humans are a part of nature, as we fall into the animal kingdom. At first, nature provided us with everything we needed. Now it’s same, we just don’t notice the connection because of the artificially made products. As said before, nature provided us with everything, food, clothes, shelter, etc. We returned its favor by respecting it and in most cultures even worshiped its forms.

Humans and nature have a reciprocal effect on each other.

Human population grew and evolved; and through time, we became more advanced in technology and other aspects, so we forgot about nature and it’s tributes to our survival. We doubled, tripled in our numbers and became a plague for our planet. Now, in last 200 years, we did nothing but degraded nature. On another hand, nature returned the favor in the form of vast and more frequent natural disasters.

Our influence has always been negative, but because it was on a small scale, there were no visible consequences, as nature was able to restore. But now our overwhelming numbers cause more damage than nature alone can fix.


We produce massive amounts of waste,

our lifestyle leads to pollution of air, soil, and water, making them harmful to all living creatures. You might say that you are not a polluter. It’s not always our direct action that produces harm; most of the time the culprits are industries, farms, etc., those who provide us with products (that we need) to satisfy our needs. However, I have to mention that every individual that lives in modern society, is a polluter. We drive cars or other vehicles, we use water, we heat and light our homes. All those actions cause pollution.

Positive effects coming from humans are mostly those that are done after we have already done (or are doing) something with a negative effect. We’re working on already existing problems, such as:

– soil, water, air pollution,

– massive production of waste,

– growing industry that results in pollution and wastes,

– etc.

For example, we’re trying to reduce our waste, recycle it and empower the laws, that are crucial for lowering our waste production.

Consequences of our actions are clearly visible.

Consequences of our actions are clearly visible.

We are drowning in wastes, our water sources are contaminated soil and the air are full of toxins and heavy metals in large amounts, or at least higher than normal.

Right now, the most important thing we all can do is to make people aware of the problems. We have to educate them and show them how to help fix those problems and to be a good example for others. Without the awareness and action, nothing can be done.

Be a good example for everyone around you and learn about how to help out and make the nature around you cleaner.

Do it for yourself and do it for all the living creatures on this planet.

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I will be honestly I’m not the most educated if this department but what a very interesting read! I love your passion and I love the way you wrote this piece! Keep up the good work! Great blog ☺️ X x x

jake smith

I am a nature-lover. I support anything about it even in simple ways. Great blog keep it up, and promoting the good.


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This was really depressing to read. Although I’m aware of all this, reading it all in once is quite a disturbing thought. I do believe people need to be educated and we all should be better to Mother Earth, but I also think we are way too deep in this problem and Earth is sick of our bullshit. She’s done haha

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