Nature Science Lunatics (NSL) is a project to connect people who are interested in nature sciences, conservation, environmental protection and related topics.

To do this, I decided to start a Facebook group Nature Science Lunatics, where you can freely share your posts, opinions, concerns, communicate, ask questions, give answers, share the funnies and jokes, etc.

Join the FB group HERE.

The second part of this project is a link-up (#NSLinkUp) that I will host on this site.

  • The link-up will be done through InLinkz
  • Link-up will be done twice (2) a month.
  • Only posts/articles on nature sciences, conservation, environmental protection and related topics, will be accepted in the link-up
  • Each participant will be able to link-up only ONE post/article per link-up
  • Each time (except for the first time) one of the participants in the previous link-up will be featured.
  • I will mention each participant + their post in a tweet
  • Detailed rules of the link-up will be posted once the link-up will start


Who can participate?
Anyone who is interested in the topics of the project (nature sciences, conservation, environmental protection and related topics) can participate in the Facebook group
What about the Link-up?
You can participate in the link up only if you have a post on any of the previously menitoned topics. However the topic of the content of your site can be anything. Only thing that matters is the article/post that you wish to submit in the link-up.
Why should I participate?
The project is soley ment to connect people with the same interest and to help them share their work.
Do I have to participate in the group AND link-up?
You can participate either in a group or link-up, or be a part of both at the same time, it’s completely up to each individual. (In short participation in one part of the project does not mean you have to participate in another.)


If you have any questions about this project, please ask them in the comments, I’ll gladly clear out any uncertainties.


Links to link-ups:

Nature Science lunatics, link-up; no.1

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