What is Gaia-s?

Gaia-s is a platform where I’ll share mine and other people’s knowledge regarding nature, ecology and environmental protection.
I created it purely to express my opinion, share knowledge, give answers and connect people with similar interest.

Why the name Gaia-s?

The name is based on the Greek mythology personification of the Earth. It’s believed that Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.
The added ‘-s’ stands for school, as my goal is to share knowledge.

In short, Gaia-s means school about Earth.

Who am I?

I am Anja Debeljak, currently a student of Environmental protection.
Ever since I was little I had a vision to protect environment, nature. I believed that I’ll become a true protector of everything from living organisms to stone, but I soon realized that my mission is not as easy as I imagined. The best I could do in my early years was to nag everyone about how trash belongs in a bin, not on the ground. Because of that, I dove into books and research, accumulating knowledge. Of course, the knowledge I had didn’t have any impact on other people so a need to share that knowledge appeared.
That need to share only grew stronger in my college years, as I realized that people don’t know much about environmental protection, even though it’s the hot topic for a few years now.

I believe the reason for people not knowing much is that everyone in the “environmental protection business” only shares their own side of environmental protection, instead of presenting it as a part of interdisciplinary knowledge. After all, everything in nature and environment is connected and overlapping so environmental protection should be the same.

On this platform, I’ll present the connections and interactions along with clashing opinions and beliefs of people who are in the “business”.

Who’s this platform for?

It’s for everyone who adores nature, loves our planet and wishes to learn about how to conserve it. It’s for everyone with questions, wonders and ideas about nature, ecology and environmental protection.
The platform is for anyone who enjoys getting lost in the woods and their surroundings because it feels like home.
It’s for everyone who wishes to help protect our planet but don’t know how and even those who can’t decide either that’s even necessary or not.
It’s for all believers and non-believers, big and small… It’s made for anyone who’s interested.

Gaia-s is for people who love our planet.

Why Gaia-s when uncle Google has all the answers?

All articles/posts will be based on knowledge from experience, personal opinions based on accumulated knowledge and countless read scientific articles.
This will not be your textbook kind of knowledge, but the knowledge of an individual with passion.
I will attempt to show you what I believe to be the real environmental protection.

Also, it’s nice to have everything in one place.

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