Hello and welcome to Gaia-s!

Have you ever had a question and you didn’t know who to ask or how to find it? Did your professor make something overly complicated? Have you ever wondered about the insights of people “in the business”, but you couldn’t find someone who could help you? Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge on a topic, but didn’t know where or how?

Well if those questions and knowledge are based on environmental protection, nature or ecology. You came to the right place!

This is a website that will provide answers and insights into environmental protection, nature, and ecology. There will also be a few posts about travel (or as I like to say “Roaming”) because some work you simply cannot do in an office.

I also invite you to share your own knowledge on this website in a form of “guest posts”, as well as ask the questions that you’d like to get an answer to.

Of course, I’d also appreciate any feedback, good or bad, as well as ideas and suggestions in order to improve the experience.

I will do my best to answer your questions, share your knowledge and make this site as enjoyable as possible for everyone who visits it.

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